Tips For Avoiding Holiday Depression

holiday depression tips avoid

The holidays can be a difficult time for anyone. Busy schedules, travel, weather issues, money woes, family matters, and high expectations can push even the happiest of people over the edge. But for those with depression, the holidays can be particularly troublesome. So many things are happening at once, with so many added pressures, it can be easier to trigger...[ read more ]

When Does Sadness Become More?


Sadness hurts. It is a deep, often helpless-feeling, pain. It can come on like a wave because of something you saw, read, heard, or something that happened to you or someone you love. Sometimes you might feel sad and not even know why you feel that way.  Sadness Vs Depression But when does sadness become more? When is it depression?...[ read more ]

What are the Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness?

Meditation, mindfulness

Life is busy. We are constantly trying to multitask. We are thinking about what to cook for dinner on the drive home from work. We are folding laundry while watching the news. We are rushing through our days trying to finish our mounting to-do lists. And, along the way we are losing track of the present moment. We are missing...[ read more ]

Mindfulness Vs. Meditation

Meditation versus mindfulness

Being mindful is innate. It is a natural part of our being. We are born with the ability to be mindful. But that doesn’t mean it is something that we are always doing. Some certain techniques and practices can make mindfulness easier to achieve and make it something we can fully benefit from. One such technique is mediation. There are...[ read more ]

What is Mindfulness?

It seems as if the practice of mindfulness is getting harder and harder these days with technology always at our fingertips. We are surrounded by distractions. But being mindful has a host of benefits on happiness and stress levels. So, what does it mean to be mindful? It is a lot like it sounds. It is the act of being...[ read more ]

3 Signs You Need PTSD Treatment

After some time has passed following a traumatic event, it is natural to assume your mind and body have healed. But, unfortunately, the reality can be much different. Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can show themselves months, even years after the event itself. Our bodies and minds have a way of trying to protect ourselves by pushing traumatic events deep...[ read more ]

Meet Dr. Nicole Biondoletti

Meet Dr. Nicole Biondoletti, who will be joining Wellness Psychological Services full time in August. We are very excited to be adding Dr. Biondoletti to our team of psychologists. She brings a wealth of specialized experience in treating Anxiety Disorders, Trauma and PTSD. ​ What inspired you to pursue a career as a therapist? To be honest, I’m not quite...[ read more ]

5 Techniques for Coping With Anxiety

Your heart feels like it is beating out of your chest. You can’t get your brain to shut off. You are consumed by thinking the worst. You can’t focus. You feel like drowning yourself in anything that will numb these feelings. You are finding it hard to smile, relax, and breathe. This is anxiety and it can be all-consuming and...[ read more ]

Three Thoughts That Can Increase Anxiety

Anxiety can easily rule your life if you let it. Certain thoughts increase anxiety symptoms and make it even harder to cope with anxious feelings. Recognizing and working to cut back on these thought patterns can be life changing. But, what are they? What are these harmful thoughts? There are several but I am going to start by focusing on...[ read more ]


I think of “high functioning anxiety” as the kind of anxiety that is usually well concealed. I have heard it described as “anxiety hidden behind a smile and the outward picture of success.” It is the person who may appear calm, successful and very well put together on the surface, but internally they are in significant distress. It is common...[ read more ]

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