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Dr. Miller contracts with Wellness Psychological Services to offer services online and in both our Tampa and St. Pete offices.

Hello there! My name is Dr. Adam Miller, and I am a licensed psychologist. Trained in treating a wide array of mental health concerns, my major clinical interests include exploring and improving relationships, men and masculinity development, life meaning and purpose, and work/life balance. I am often amazed at how inherently stressful life can be, and as we enter often challenging life chapters, I view therapy as a valuable tool for strengthening our resolve, perseverance, and energy to achieve goals and develop a sense of purpose and wellbeing. 

It can be uncomfortable to think of disclosing our fears, personal problems, and the aspects of ourselves that we tend to reject. Within the therapeutic relationship, I strive to create and maintain a supportive environment with clients based on trust and non-judgement. I love getting to welcome in clients from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. My favorite part of my job is getting to learn about your world and the experiences that have shaped you and the life you lead today. When I work with you, and we accept and commit ourselves to facing our problems with a sense of curiosity and courage, we can often learn how to not only survive our lives, but we can learn to thrive in them.

I believe my therapeutic work with you will be most effective when it utilizes evidence-based approaches. This integrative method is intended to assist you in gaining a deeper awareness of your thoughts, beliefs, and reactions to everyday life, along with developing the skills to address them. Hoping to demystify the process of psychotherapy, I want you to feel a sense of agency in the therapeutic process, while I provide support for areas you may find new and intimidating. Through a style that I affectionately call, “empathic-accountability, I strive to balance understanding the very real challenges that you have experienced, while empowering you to explore areas of yourself that may be holding you back from achieving that which you find most meaningful.


It is quite common for all of us to face challenges in our relationships, whether the relationship is work-related, platonic, or romantic in nature. While relationships are often the source of meaning and many positive emotions, they can also be the source of great internal and external conflict. Within the therapy session, I enjoy offering clients a space to reflect on the dynamics and challenges they face in their most important relationships. Personally, I find this to be most effective when we refrain from placing blame or judgement on the parties involved, as we strive to balance honoring ourselves and the people we care most about. While exploring the underlying patterns and dynamics in your relationships, our sessions also focus on learning and developing skills to engage in “healthy conflict” to better identify, communicate, and assert your core needs. I have noticed that as we learn to effectively assert our needs and how we prefer to be treated, our relationships tend to improve.


Struggling to balance our work roles with other meaningful roles can be the source of significant distress, as there appears to be no “one-size-fits-all” approach to establishing work/life balance. Integrating mental health and career development, I enjoy working with you to develop a deeper understanding of the roles we select in life, and how we use our values and needs when prioritizing them. We also work together to identify the unique factors and forces, both internal and external, that often make it difficult for us to establish a sense of balance. In session, I will work with you to identify, develop, and incorporate effective strategies to help you build confidence as you prioritize, pursue, and become more present in your life roles.


I feel encouraged that more and more men across our communities are appearing to show increasing interest in exploring personal development through therapeutic experiences. I personally reject the idea that men do not want to go to therapy. Instead, I believe that men have largely avoided therapy out of understandable concern for being judged, invalidated in their experiences as men, and largely misunderstood in their intentions. As a result, many men miss out on the opportunity to better understand themselves and develop a meaningful life path and self-confidence to pursue that path. They also often miss out on learning how to be the person for others that they often wish to be. As a major focus of my work, I enjoy working with you to explore how themes of men and masculinity have historically impacted you in various areas of your life and how you can shape your life for the future that promotes a greater sense of confidence and well-being.


  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Life Transitions, Adjustment, and Grief
  • Behavioral Health

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