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Skye Stern contracts with Wellness Psychological Services to offer services in our St. Pete offices and online virtually throughout the state of Florida.

Hello! My name is Skye Stern, and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 18 years of experience in Child and Adolescent therapy! I also work with young adults, typically under age 25! I mostly do Individual Therapy, but I also think it is important to involve parents when working with minors. My “niche” is young girls who are struggling with Depression, Anxiety, low self-esteem, identity, self-harm, family-related issues, or social issues. This population seems to respond well to my approach and personality/vibe! I have a gentle, supportive, client-centered approach to therapy, allowing them time to feel comfortable opening up to me and building a trusting therapeutic relationship. I believe that connection is vital and necessary for therapy to be effective!


Are you (or your child/teen) experiencing a persistent feeling of sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, hopelessness, agitation or irritability, worthlessness, difficulties with focus or concentration, and/or thoughts of self-harm? I have extensive experience working with clients who have struggled with many of these symptoms. I will help you process your feelings, identify what is contributing to the Depression, and provide coping strategies which will ameliorate the symptoms. My strength-based approach will help you gain self-worth and will instill a sense of hope inside of you!


A certain amount of anxiety is a normal part of life, but if yours (or your child/teen’s) is more persistent, intense, and interfering with daily life activities, I can help! There are many signs and symptoms of anxiety, including worry, restlessness, being “on-edge”, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, obsessions or compulsions, physical changes (racing heart, chest pain, sweating, shaking, headaches or stomach aches), fear of social situations, or very specific fears/phobias. I will use Cognitive Therapy strategies to target/change negative thinking patterns that are contributing to the anxiety. I will also teach you relaxation and stress-reduction techniques which are very effective in managing symptoms!


Typically when someone is struggling with mental health, their self-esteem suffers as well. My first goal with my clients is to build them up, help them see their strengths and abilities, boost their confidence, shift their focus more on the positives, encourage them to believe in themselves, and recognize that they are important, worthy and have a purpose in life!


  • Adjustment issues
  • Relational issues (parent/child, siblings, friends)
  • Separation/Divorce (therapy for the child/adolescent)
  • Behavioral issues


205 S. Hoover Blvd. Ste 202
Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 563-1155

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