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Glad you are reading on! I am Evangelin Browne, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) specialized to support couples and individuals in a system oriented manner. We do not live in a vacuum. Human beings are designed to connect with each other and self protect to survive. The guide-on in couples counseling is to enrich each partner’s self knowledge, gain insight into unproductive patterns of interaction that have been forged over time, and redirect those ineffective patterns to build new patterns that improve your responses to each other. In order to change ineffective patterns in yourself and in your relationship; your attitude to change is paramount. The want to do something different in your relationship and in yourself takes effort and time. My job is to help you become a better effective partner; and to help you use new knowledge and gained insight to have and sustain the relationship you want to build together.


I am a relationship counseling specialist supporting couples through The Developmental Stages of a relationship. Couples who see me come in with a variety of problems. Lack of communication is the number one expressed problem. However, that is a symptom of a problem. Problems start to surface after having established “we are a couple” though conflicts can and do arise during this phase. The next stage, discovering “we are different,” can be a sticky place for couples. As each partner is expressing their own individual wants, needs, and desires; and listening to your partner’s wants, needs, and desires that appear different from your own can and do cause tension. Sometimes even increasing conflicts that appear unresolvable. But, hold strong, and be curious, getting to your partner more is very much needed as an essential foundation for your relationship to deepen and further your connection together. That is why you chose each other. The caveat is, being in a mutually affirming relationship takes work to reach the fruit; the relationship you both want to experience together.

It is not easy to reach the fruit together at the end of the limb. It will take perseverance, some new skills to see beyond what you thought you knew, and might have not known. The next phase is “I want to be independent,” another area of growth and disruption. This is when one partner want to develop a personal identity apart from the couple relationship. Moving to the next phase, if the previous stages are successful, is, the “moving close, moving away, phase. This part is when the couple solidify the ability to move close together and move apart without conflict or distress; but with confidence and security. The final phase is “one plus one is greater than two,” or mutual interdependence. At this stage, I rarely see couples at this point and if I do it is exceptional. Relationship with oneself, relationship with another, or others is a vital needed part of human interaction. Having understanding and feeling understood is the one feel good sensation we all want to experience more of.

More in depth info coming on Individual Specializations to include:

  • Anxiety Specialization
  • Life Transitions & Adjustment To Life Changes Specialzation
  • Adult Adhd Specialization
  • Relationships To Self & Others Specialization
  • Depression & Mood Disorders Specialization
  • Military & Veteran Specialization

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Tampa, FL 33609
(813) 563-1155

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