Telehealth & Online Therapy in Florida

Online Therapy in Florida for Anxiety, Trauma & Other Mental Health Concerns

Are you looking for a psychologist who specializes in trauma, anxiety, or another mental health issue? Can you not find one in your area?

Do you need a convenient, easy way to begin psychotherapy that fits into your schedule?

Have you thought about online therapy in the past but wondered if it works?

Wellness Psychological Services is proud to help people across the state of Florida. It’s often referred to as online therapy, e-therapy, telemental health, or telehealth. But, all these terms refer to the same thing. Meeting with a mental health professional online.

A woman sits cross-legged in the grass with a laptop. This could represent online therapy in Florida and the ability to meet with an online therapist anywhere. Learn more about online trauma therapy and other services today.

Benefits of Online Therapy in Florida

Online therapy has many benefits, so let’s start there. One of the biggest is convenience. Sometimes, people choose online therapy because they live in a more rural area of the state. So, there are few options for mental health services. You may have suffered from PTSD for years. As a result, you are only looking for someone who specializes in PTSD treatment. Online therapy opens up more options for you as you’re able to see a therapist anywhere in the state of Florida. In fact, our therapists enjoy working with people not only in Tampa or St. Pete where our offices are located. We enjoy helping clients from the Everglades to Central Florida near Lake George. Or. even the Northern part of the state such as Tallahassee. The bottom line is, we’re able to help people throughout the state.

Other people who appreciate online therapy may be caretakers who can’t leave a loved one.

This might include:

  • New moms or someone caring for a spouse on hospice
  • People who have a busy schedule and can’t fit in a drive to the office
  • People with a health issue that makes leaving the house challenging
Whatever your situation is, online therapy can be a great way for you to work with our trained therapists.

Other benefits include the ability to “share screen” and view a resource together. Online therapy also helps clinicians learn more about your life as they see your surroundings. The comfort of being in your own space may also allow you to go deeper in session.

Online Therapy at Wellness Psychological Services

We know that you have more choices than ever when looking for mental health support. At Wellness Psychological Services, mental health professionals’ training, skill, and expertise matter. We also know the importance of having a caring relationship with the therapist. And, we recognize the importance of clinicians using their training and expertise to tailor a treatment plan for you. These are the things that set Wellness Psychological Services apart.

All our clinical psychologists have extensive clinical training. In fact, we have a staff of all doctoral-level psychologists. They have the highest level of training available in our field. We offer help for a wide range of mental health and personal growth issues. We will pair you with a clinician based on their specific area of expertise. So, you know you’re working with a skilled therapist using evidence-based treatments. They will help you find true, lasting solutions or ways to cope with the stressors in your life. We also value you as an individual. Our psychologists will meet you where you are & provide the most effective treatment. We hope to help you reach your treatment goals as fast as possible.

Our Psychologists Have Refined Our Approach to Online Psychotherapy

A man smiles as he types on his laptop resting on the kitchen counter. Online therapy in Florida can provide support from the comfort of home. Contact an online therapist to learn more about online anxiety treatment, online trauma therapy, and other services.

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, our entire office moved to telehealth for a time. Many of us were used to almost only conducting in-person counseling sessions. But, we felt this move was essential to keep everyone safe.

Yet, providing the best possible mental health treatment was still our top priority. Thus, we continued to refine our process. We’ve adjusted to offer the highest quality treatment via telehealth. Now, we have many of our clinicians enjoy meeting with therapy clients online! They’ve actually decided to continue offering online therapy for the foreseeable future.

Types of Online Therapy

Many of the concerns that might bring a person to therapy are appropriate for online therapy. And our psychologists can offer support for a wide range of concerns online. In fact, all our primary services are available online. That said, some of our specialties include online anxiety treatment, online trauma therapy, and online EMDR.

Online Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety treatment is an excellent candidate for online mental health services. Your therapist can meet in a place where you are already comfortable to work on coping skills to use as a resource when anxious. This may be a place like your living room couch. Or, they can virtually join you in a situation that is provoking your anxiety and work with you in that setting. Our clinicians have seen excellent results with online anxiety treatment. We encourage you to consider this as an option if you’re seeking therapy for anxiety.

Online Trauma Therapy

Our psychologists often offer trauma therapy and PTSD treatment online. Trauma therapy is an area where it’s important to work with a specialist. You want to see a therapist with a high level of training. Specifically, in trauma treatment to make sure you’re getting the best care possible. The good news? Most trauma therapies have offerings through an online therapy platform.

Online EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is gaining popularity in the field. And, for good reason: it works. EMDR has features on Grey’s anatomy, used by Prince Harry, and written about in countless written publications. It’s an amazing form of psychotherapy that can be used as standalone therapy. It can also get mixed in with seeing your regular therapist as a way to get “unstuck.” Luckily, it’s also a type of therapy that is available online. We are proud to have a skilled online EMDR therapist on staff.

Common Questions About Telehealth Services

Does Online Therapy Work?

A man sits at his kitchen table in front of his laptop as he smiles. This could represent meeting with an online therapist in Florida. Contact us to learn about online EMDR therapy, online therapy, and other services.

At Wellness Psychological Services, we value offering you the highest quality psychotherapy. Our therapists are highly skilled and have doctorate-level training. So, quality is important to us. And that is why we offer online therapy.

Research shows that online mental health interventions can be as effective as an in-person mental health treatment. We have seen clients get incredible results from online psychotherapy. And at the end of the day, that’s what we all want: for you to feel better and be the best version of yourself. So, we’re proud to offer this type of support online. It has allowed us to reach clients living all over the state of Florida. We’ve met with people who otherwise would have struggled to get to their sessions.

Does Insurance Cover Telehealth?

Before the pandemic, it was common for insurance to only cover in-person services. But, during the pandemic, all major insurers started covering telehealth sessions. At this point, we recommend that you reach out to your insurance provider. Ask about telehealth coverage. Check with them before booking your appointment for mental health treatment. Please know that we are committed to helping people get the psychological care they need. So, also talk to your provider if you have worries about fees or copays.

Begin Online Therapy in Florida

Distance shouldn’t negatively affect your options for mental health support. Our doctoral-level psychologists would love to support you from the comfort of your own couch! We offer services from our Tampa, FL-based therapy practice. To start the therapy journey, please follow these steps:

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Other Services Offered At Wellness Psychological Services

At our Wellness Psychological Services online therapy isn’t the only services we provide. In many cases, our psychologists are able to see you in person at our office in either Tampa or St. Petersburg. More specifically, our psychologists are able to offer individual therapy, couples counseling and psychological testing and evaluation services. Our psychologists can help couples with everything from marriage counseling, to support through a divorce and mediation. For individuals, we also offer support for a wide range of mental health concerns including anxiety treatmenttrauma therapydepression counselingOCD treatmentstress management, and more. Feel free to learn more about our St. Petersburg & Tampa, FL therapy offices through our website and then call us when you’re ready to get started!

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By submitting this form via this web portal, you acknowledge and accept the risks of communicating your health information via this unencrypted email and electronic messaging and wish to continue despite those risks. By clicking "Yes, I want to submit this form" you agree to hold Brighter Vision harmless for unauthorized use, disclosure, or access of your protected health information sent via this electronic means.