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We are a team of doctoral level licensed psychologists as well as highly specialized masters level therapists who practice independently. Each member of our clinical team of psychologists and therapists is contracted to provide services for the group and we each practice independently. Wellness Psychological Services only contracts with providers who have had extensive clinical training in treating a wide range of mental health and personal growth issues with specific areas of specialization and expertise. Please read each of our profiles to help determine who you think would be the right fit for your specific needs or call our office for a free consult and we will help you determine options and the best fit.

Dr. Brittany Carswell is the owner and clinical director of Wellness Psychological Services and a Licensed Psychologist specializing in individual and couples therapy. She received her Undergraduate and Doctoral degrees in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida. Dr. Carswell has an extensive background doing individual and couples therapy in private practice. In addition she previously worked at the USF and UF University Counseling Centers in addition to serving as a graduate instructor and academic advisor at the University of Florida. She has also worked in the health psychology clinic at the Tampa VA Hospital.

As part of a comprehensive treatment approach targeting overall wellness Dr. Carswell offers several different types of services depending on each individuals specific treatment needs. Her practice focuses mostly on individual therapy for adults in which she specializes in treating anxiety disorders and depression as well as stress management and overall wellness. Additionally her other areas of specialization are relationship issues, Couples therapy and Discernment Counseling. Click here for more on her specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Dr. Nicole Biondoletti is a licensed clinical psychologist who completed her postdoctoral residency at the Bay Pines VA, where she received specialized training in trauma- and anxiety-related disorders. She see patients full time at Wellness Psychological Services.

Although Dr. Biondoletti’ s primary area of interest and experience involves the treatment of trauma-related disorders, she has extensive experience providing psychotherapy to individuals with multifaceted problems, including depression, anxiety, chronic medical problems, substance abuse, and interpersonal difficulties. She is also experienced in the provision of couple’s therapy. Dr. Biondoletti utilizes an integrative approach to the treatment of mental health difficulties, which emphasizes the importance of the therapeutic relationship and process in healing. She believes in using science and literature to inform her practice of helping unique individuals with varying problems identify and reach their goals. Click here for more on Dr. Biondoletti's specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

​​Dr. Carpenter is a licensed psychologist who received her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from Florida State University. She specializes in treating adults with substance abuse, trauma, and chronic pain issues. The majority of Dr. Carpenter’ clinical background stems from hospital settings, having acquired most of her experience working with Veterans at VA Medical Centers in mental health clinics, substance abuse treatment programs, and behavioral health programs.

Dr. Carpenter integrates various evidence-based therapies and treatment approaches to help clients reconnect with themselves, others, and a meaningful life. She closely collaborates with clients to ensure they receive an appropriate, tailored treatment plan to meet their needs and goals. She only practices with the adult population and offers both individual and couples psychotherapy. Click here for more on Dr. Carpenter’ specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Dr. Madison Allen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in individual and couples therapy. She earned her Undergraduate degree in Psychology from Clemson University and her Masters and Doctoral degrees from the University of Indianapolis. Dr. Allen completed her training at Florida State University where she received training in the provision of individual, group, and couples psychotherapy as well as behavioral health consultation for comorbid medical and psychological concerns. She has clinical experience working in multiple universities, healthcare settings, community mental health, and private practice prior to joining Wellness Psychological Services.

Dr. Allen’s primary areas of clinical specialty include anxiety disorders and stress management, couples therapy for relationship concerns, self-esteem and identity development, and mental health issues effecting women. She also has training and experience in the treatment of depressive disorders, mood dysregulation, family and relational trauma, body image and eating concerns, and adjustment disorders and life transitions, amongst others. Dr. Allen’s approach to treatment is tailored to the unique needs and treatment goals of each individual. She works to integrate evidence-based treatment interventions within a supportive and affirming therapeutic environment that is conducive to achieving your goals and an improved sense of overall wellness. Click here for more information on Dr. Allen’s specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy

Dr. Elizabeth Justine Devlin is a licensed psychologist who received her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at Florida State University with areas of expertise in individual and couples/family therapy. She received her undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of South Florida in mental health and rehabilitation counseling with a special emphasis in addiction and couples therapy. Dr. Devlin’s background includes working with adolescent and adult populations in community outpatient settings and hospital settings. She completed her doctoral internship in the VA medical healthcare system. In addition, she worked as a staff psychologist in the mental health clinic at the VA providing evidence-based treatments to Veteran’s and their families.

Dr. Devlin utilizes a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches tailored to each individuals/couples specific needs and unique treatment goals. She places a special emphasis on the therapeutic relationship and ensuring her client’s feel understood, safe and have the support needed to achieve growth and enhance their overall wellbeing. Dr. Devlin has experience with assessing, evaluating and treating relationship distress/discord, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, mood disorders, emotional regulation, substance use disorders, distress tolerance, and trauma. She utilizes a strengths based approach to instill hope and foster a sense of fulfillment. Dr. Devlin has experience and training in Behavioral Couples Therapy, Gottman Therapy, Family Systems and Emotion-Focused Therapy to assist couples/families in bridging communication, healing, and evaluating relationship dynamics to develop a greater understanding of one’s self and their family as a whole. When working with individual therapy clients, she has experience in working with both adolescent and adult populations. She frequently uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, reality therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and cognitive processing therapies. In addition, she has utilized Stress Training and Affective Interpersonal Regulation (STAIR) interventions in both individual and group settings for clients with complex trauma histories as well as therapeutic approaches that foster insight and reflection. Please click here to learn more about Dr. Devlin.

Dr. Jonathan Huffman is a licensed psychologist, a board certified behavior analyst, and a certified therapist in parent child interaction therapy. He earned his undergraduate degrees in psychology and music from Washburn University, his master’s degree in clinical psychology from Washburn University, and his doctorate in counseling psychology from the University of Kansas. While at KU, he also completed graduate certificates in applied behavioral science and women, gender, and sexuality studies. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Florida College of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry. Dr. Huffman has provided mental health services to children and adults at university and veteran’s administration (VA) hospitals, inpatient settings, college counseling centers, community mental health centers, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) intensive outpatient clinics, and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) intensive outpatient centers. He has presented at over 70 national and international conferences and has published over 20 peer reviewed articles on applied behavior analysis (ABA), DBT, and cognitive behavioral interventions.

While Dr. Huffman has been trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches, the majority of his work focuses on scientifically supported behavior-based interventions. He has extensive training using evidence-based treatments to manage symptoms associated with OCD, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression. He specializes in DBT for mood disorders, CBT for anxiety/depression, cognitive behavioral therapy with exposure and response prevention (CBT with ERP) for OCD, prolonged exposure therapy for PTSD, parent child interaction therapy (PCIT) for ODD, and ABA for ASD. In addition, to individual therapy, he also has extensive training in the assessment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), ASD, and specific learning disorders.

Dr. Huffman believes in using integrative evidence-based practices and a supportive therapeutic relationship to assist clients in living a life worth living. In therapy, he focuses on methods of changing client behaviors while simultaneously accepting their current position. Click here for more on Dr. Huffman’s specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Dr. Lea Martinell-Smith is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in individual, family, and group counseling services for children, adults, and adolescents. She received her Undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Tampa, and received her Masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology from the Florida School of Professional Psychology – Argosy University Tampa. Dr. Martinell-Smith has extensive experience providing counseling and assessment services in community mental health centers, within crisis units, and private practice settings. She also assisted in the development, implementation, and service provision of an intensive outpatient program.

Dr. Martinell-Smith uses a variety of evidence based treatment approaches to fit the individual needs of each client. She has extensive training and experience working with trauma, stress, self-harm, suicide, and emotion regulation. She often utilizes cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, as well as insight oriented therapeutic approaches. When working with children and families, Dr. Martinell-Smith uses a family systems approach in order to evaluate and assist the entire family.  She has additional training and expertise in the utilization of play therapy in order to better assist children in expressing their thoughts and emotions.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Lea Martinell-Smith.

Dr. Adam Miller is a licensed psychologist who completed his doctoral education in Counseling Psychology from Florida State University. Though trained in treating a wide array of mental health concerns and presenting problems, the focus of Dr. Miller's clinical work tends to emphasize men and masculinity, career development, work/life balance, procrastination, behavioral health, and relationship concerns. He completed his pre-doctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the University of South Florida Counseling Center, which included serving as the behavioral health consultant for the USF Saint Petersburg Wellness Center.

Dr. Miller believes in utilizing evidence-based practice and a collaborative working relationship, founded on empathic-accountability, to help clients feel safe and empowered to explore themselves, their relationships, and the aspects of their lives they hope to understand on a deeper level and improve upon. Though he works primarily with men in late adolescents, early adulthood, and late adulthood, Dr. Miller enjoys working with people from all walks of life.

Click here for more on Dr. Miller's specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Evangelin Browne is a Relationship Counseling Specialist. Ms. Browne is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in couples therapy, premarital counseling, and adult individual therapy. She received her master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Pepperdine University. She has worked with all branches of the United States Military and was a counselor in the DOD school system. She also worked as a crisis intervention therapist in San Jose California with the police department on domestic issues; and was an intern on an in-patient child psychiatric unit as a family and child therapist. Her approach to counseling is holistic and evidence based. Wellbeing and wellness is needed in an ever changing world, it is a dynamic dance to sustain equilibrium. She believes self acceptance, acceptance of others, and healthy relationships are key to experiencing wellbeing. Our relationships, especially our love relationships are important to our health and our children's health. Ms. Browne also works individually with clients experiencing adult ADHD, anxiety, transition management, adjustment disorders, and discerning life counseling in a variety of methodologies; catering to individual needs.

Please Click here for more information on Evangelin's specialization and approach to therapy.

Jackie Dowgiallo is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Addictions professional who has over 10 years of professional experience.   Jackie graduated in 2011 from Towson University with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. Jackie started her internship and practicum at a private practice and completed mental health crisis counseling with a Mobile Crisis team in Annapolis, Maryland.  After obtaining her degree, she moved to Washington, DC to work at a nonprofit facility providing in-home mental health counseling to adults struggling with addiction and at risk of homelessness.  Jackie then decided to move to sunny Florida and began working with individuals suffering with substance addiction and trauma in residential and outpatient treatment facilities.  During this experience, she served as a private practice therapist in Tampa, working with adults suffering with life adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, and trauma.  Most recently, she served as a Program Director for an eating disorder treatment facility in Tampa, serving adults and adolescents.  This experience elevated her interest in eating disorders, as well as related issues such as body image, self-esteem, and body dysmorphia.

Jackie enjoys working individually with adults struggling with a wide range of issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, addictions, relationship issues, eating disorders, and body image concerns.  Her approach to therapy is client-centered, trauma-informed, and believes that change is possible for anyone willing to make the choice to seek help. She enjoys integrating creativity and mindfulness practices into sessions and believes in weekly therapeutic assignments to increase productivity towards therapy goals. Jackie is very excited to be a part of the WPS team and is looking forward to providing counseling services to those in the Tampa Bay area. Please Click here for more information on Jackie’s specializations and approach to therapy.

Please Click here for more information on Jackie's specialization and approach to therapy.

Dr. Laura Cunningham is a provider at Wellness Psychological Services and a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) specializing in individual and couples therapy. She received her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida and her Doctorate in Counselor Education at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Cunningham has an extensive background doing individual and couples therapy in agencies and private practice. She previously worked at the Adolescent and Adult residential drug rehabs and Community Clinics. She has also worked in the Psychiatric Hospital in Orlando, Florida.

She has had 16 years of experience connecting with adolescents, college-aged populations, and people needing assistance with mood imbalances. She has also helped blended families, people wanting to heal family of origin trauma, and couples with current relationship issues. She can help you get to your goals, get unstuck and optimize your life. Click here to for more on Dr. Cunnigham's specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Dr. Lisa Beckman is a Licensed Psychologist specializing in treatment for trauma and anxiety disorders. She earned her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr. Beckman completed her postdoctoral fellowship in health psychology at the James A. Haley VA Medical Center which has contributed to her approach which emphasizes physical and mental well-being.

Dr. Beckman has experience working with a wide range of problems that can occur during the lifespan. She has previously worked at university counseling centers and is sensitive to the developmental transitions that occur during the late teenage to early adulthood years. She has also worked in VA hospitals and has extensive experience with adults presenting with a wide range of concerns. Dr. Beckman has training in several evidence-based treatments, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression (CBT-D) and Insomnia (CBT-I), Prolonged Exposure, and Cognitive Processing Therapy. She uses a client-centered approach to help clients evaluate their personal strengths and values, while bolstering their ability to take action for personal growth. Click here for more on her specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Dr. Katia Arroyo-Carrion is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in individual and couple's therapy. She received her Doctoral degree from Carlos Albizu University. Dr. Arroyo-Carrion has an extensive background providing individual psychotherapy in outpatient clinics, State and VA hospitals. She has completed training and consultation in numerous evidenced based therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression (CBT-D), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Skills Training in Affective and Interpersonal Relationships (STAIR), Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy (IBCT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PE), and DBT Prolonged Exposure Protocol (DBT PE). In addition, she is an adjunct faculty member for an Online Psychology Master's Program and holds a leadership role at the Florida Psychological Association - Calusa Chapter. Her practice is based on the recovery model, a holistic, person-centered approach developed to teach the patient how to advocate for the best care. It is important to remember that recovery is possible, for this reason, her practice focuses in addressing woman's issues and treating mood disorders, trauma, and PTSD.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Katia Arroyo-Carrion.

Dr. Benjamin Lord is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with expertise in individual psychotherapy, behavioral health consulting, and adult psychological assessment. He received his Undergraduate degree in Psychology from Longwood University, and completed his Masters and Doctoral level degrees in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Behavioral Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Lord’s background includes a long history of working with clients in individual psychotherapy, as well as working in a consulting role in various hospital and medical settings assisting primary care physicians to support and treat patients with mental health concerns. In addition to his work with Wellness Psychological Services, Dr. Lord serves veterans in the Tampa areas as a behavioral health consultant.

With Dr. Lord believes in a collaborative and client-centered approach to therapy which emphasizes exploring core values and life goals in addition to the reduction of emotional distress. He is a strong believer in the mind-body connection and the impact of emotional well-being on overall health. He works primarily in an individual psychotherapy modality, where the therapy relationship provides an avenue to examine patterns in behavior, emotion, and mentation both in the moment and in life at large. His primary areas of focus in his current practice include the treatment of recurrent or chronic depressive symptoms (including mood issues which manifest as anger management problems), sleep disorders, and the emotional impact of chronic diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, and chronically painful medical conditions.

Click here for more on Dr. Lord's specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy. ​

Dr. Yashira Oropeza-Diaz, Psy.D., MSCP, LMHC, CTMH is a licensed Psychologist who received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Carlos Albizu University. She also completed a postdoctoral master's degree in Clinical Psychopharmacology from Alliant International University. Yashira is a fully bilingual (English/Spanish) Clinical Psychologist.

Dr. Oropeza-Diaz is certified in several evidenced-based models and specializes in the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) providing services in both weekly therapy format or intensive, short-term processing interventions for recent traumatic episodes, and stress. Yashira is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Practitioner from the International Association of Trauma Professionals. More recently, she completed a certification as a Telemental Health Specialist. She has completed extensive training in cultural competency, trauma-informed primary care, and the neurology of trauma and loss.

Dr. Oropeza-Diaz focuses on "helping the ones that spend their lives helping others" (therapist, nurses, doctors, teachers, and first responder) and possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of these roles. She also provides intensive support to those facing a big life transition or that are preparing emotionally for big milestones (e.g. sudden life change, board exams, becoming parents, change in career). The frequency of sessions and length of treatment depends on specific needs.

Click here for more on Dr. Oropeza-Diaz's specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Dr. Kimberly Hardiman is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in the provision of behavioral consultation and individual therapy for older adults and their caregivers. She received her Bachelors degree from Cedar Crest College and her masters and doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Marywood University. Dr. Hardiman has training in treating individuals across the lifespan in settings to include community mental health, inpatient units, university counseling centers, and medical centers. However, she has extensive training and a passion in providing support and therapeutic intervention to individuals over the age of 65 with varying concerns related to health, adjustment, and aging. Dr. Hardiman has also received training specific to those with chronic illnesses and diseases receiving palliative and hospice level care. In addition to providing individual therapy services at Wellness Psychological Services, she also offers intervention to veterans in hospital settings. Dr. Hardiman has training specific to brief, evidenced-based interventions including Motivational Interviewing (MI).

Dr. Hardiman's approach to therapy is client-centered and focused on collaboration to identify achievable goals to improve the overall well-being of each individual. Click here for more information on her specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Dr. Patricia Cabrera is a licensed psychologist who received her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from the State University of New York (SUNY) Albany. She completed her doctoral internship and postdoctoral residency at the James Haley VA Medical Center where she received specialized training in health psychology. Her clinical experience at multiple medical and veteran focused settings has contributed to her client-centered approach which emphasizes the relationship between emotional and physical health to maximize quality of life. In addition to assisting individuals grappling with the emotional aspects of managing acute and chronic health concerns, she has extensive experience treating anxiety, depression, role transitions, relationship conflict and bereavement/grief.

Her therapeutic approach focuses on fostering insight, exploring the need for internal change and forming meaningful connections with others. She facilitates the path to better understanding unhelpful patterns and both conscious and unconscious factors that contribute to emotional distress. Her work with couples focuses on exploring each partner’s particular needs, wants and past experiences which contribute to the current state of the relationship, with the overarching goal of moving towards a healthy, mutually fulfilling relationship. In her work with both individual and couples, her aim is to encourage positive changes in clients’ lives, help alleviate emotional distress, and assist clients in creating and nourishing meaningful relationships.

In addition to working in private practice, Dr. Cabrera works as a primary care psychologist and clinical supervisor for psychology residents at a local hospital. Click here for more information on Dr. Cabrera’s specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Patricia Cabrera.

Amy M. Parks-Urrutia, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in treating children and adolescents with a variety of developmental, behavioral, and emotional difficulties. Dr. Parks completed her graduate studies in her hometown of Atlanta Georgia. There she attended the Georgia School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University and obtained her Masters in Professional Counseling, Masters in Clinical Psychology, and Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Parks completed a predoctoral internship at the Emory Autism Center at Emory University School of Medicine where she received advanced training in the assessment and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. After completing her formal academic studies, she moved to the Tampa/St Petersburg area where she completed her predoctoral internship consortium at the Children’s Home in Tampa and at Manatee Glen’s Hospital in Bradenton. Following internship, Dr. Parks completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of South Florida’s Rothman Center for Pediatric Neuropsychiatry, where she specialized in using cognitive behavioral therapy to treat anxiety disorders and specifically emphasized treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with Exposure Response Prevention (ERP). In 2012, Dr. Parks began the Florida Hope Center where she specialized in assessing and treating children, adolescents, and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and anxiety disorders. Dr. Parks scholarly work has included participation in several grand-funded research projects and clinical trials, including (but not limited to) those examining anxiety disorders, ADHD, ASD, OCD, and Tourette’s Disorder. During her fellowship at the Rothman Center, Dr. Parks co-authored an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder chapter in the Handbook of Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders.

Dr. Parks main areas of specialization include the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders and the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, OCD, Selective Mutism, and anxiety disorders. With a background in behavioral and cognitive- behavioral therapies, Dr. Parks utilizes behavioral parent training strategies in working with families to optimize change.

Click here to learn more about Amy M. Parks-Urrutia, Psy.D.

Skye Stern is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has over 18 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and young adults. Skye graduated in 2004 from the University of South Florida with a Master's Degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling. Because of her love for children, she decided to do her Practicum and Internship at The Florida Center for Child and Family Development in Sarasota, FL. The first few years of her career were spent working with young children mostly in the foster care system providing Behavior Support Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. In 2007 after becoming licensed, Skye moved to Tampa, FL and joined a small group practice as an Independent Contractor. She still preferred working with younger children at that time based on her experience, but after some time, she expanded her practice to include adolescents, and began to develop her passion for helping them. Skye was part of the group practice for 3 years, and in 2010 she started her own private practice in Tampa. She has transitioned her practice to Sarasota, and most recently, in 2017, Skye relocated to St Petersburg and built up a successful practice there!

Although Skye worked with young children in the earlier years of her career, most of her clients now are older children, adolescents and young adults. She is particularly effective with teen girls who are struggling with a variety of issues, including Depression and Anxiety. She mostly does Individual Therapy, but believes it is also important that the parent(s) are involved when seeing minors. Skye is very passionate about her work with her clients, and is excited to be part of the WPS team! Click here for more information on her specific areas of specialization and approach to therapy.

Ken Kinzie, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience in the field of Employee Assistance and sensitive and challenging human condition consultation. Early in his career, Ken specialized in the field of Substance abuse and Addiction and during that time built and directed a long-term Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in central Minnesota. He also has extensive experience in helping clients deal with Substance Abuse and Addictions issues, utilizing a multi­ treatment approach. This often requires working with the important loved ones in the process to help them reduce the enabling that occurs in the Addictive process. A number of years later, after moving to Florida, Ken entered the then-new and exciting field of Employee Assistance Programming. During that time he was able to establish a comprehensive, In-House, and external full-service Contract EAP program at Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

Ken utilizes empathetic, problem-solving to help clients with problems that are blocking their ability to thrive or be the person they would most like to be. This approach is very much like a mentor role, providing guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling to help each client achieve their objective. This requires a great deal of listening and asking appropriate, non-judgmental questions. I believe it is extremely important to help make people feel safe in sharing their personal issues, possibly for the first time ever with anyone. This is sacred territory, where a non-critical, non-judgmental approach is most crucial. I recently made the decision to work on a part-time basis in the area I am most passionate about, providing individual counseling support for clients who can benefit from short-term intervention. I am delighted to be able to work with the Wellness Psychological Services team to provide counseling. Click Here to learn more about Ken's approach to therapy and areas of specialization.

Click here to learn more about Ken Kinzie, LCSW

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