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Dr. Cunningham contracts with Wellness Psychological Services to offer services virtually online and in both our Tampa and St. Pete offices.

Hi, I am Dr. Laura Cunningham, I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor trained in working with many types of different mental health and personal growth issues but my expertise and main areas of interest are in treating adjustment disorders, relationship issues, trauma and grief and issues in the LGBTQI communities. In addition to individual therapy, I also specialize couples therapy. Couples can relay benefit from having an objective observer facilitate stuck places to become unstuck.

The ‘Art of Life’ is my slogan and focus. Each person is uniquely crafting their optimal life and sometimes we can use some help when we get stuck. I often incorporate creative ways to assist people in findings their own answers. I enjoy working with individuals, children, couples and families. LGBTQI friendly!

I use person-centered therapy and add in creativity to our session to allow clients to really explore their current concerns. I individualize each intervention for each unique client’s needs. I help you by facilitating the positive changes that you want to make in your life.

I have had 16 years of experience connecting with adolescents, college-aged populations, and people needing assistance with mood imbalances. I have also helped blended families, people wanting to heal family of origin trauma, and couples with current relationship issues. I can help you get to your goals, get unstuck and optimize your life.

Adjustment Disorders

Adjustment Disorders is a fancy word for having trouble with changes that have happened.SO basically this is most of us! Change is constant and sometimes too many things change ( i.e. job loss, divorce, pandemic, financial or addiction issues) and we can use some help in keeping balance as we move through these changes.


Grief, Bereavement and Depression

I recently worked at Tidewell Hospice at the Blue Butterfly building where we worked with families that had a recent death in the family. I love the Swedish Proverb that states “Shared joy doubles the joy. Shared sorrow is half the sorrow”. It speaks to how this heavy and complicated emotion needs special care and attention to move through the stages and begin the healing process.

LGBTQI & Transgender Process and Relationships

I enjoy helping facilitate people trying to make sense of how they feel about their sexuality and helping work towards healthy relationships and a healthy life.  I worked at The Center in Orlando, Florida. It is a gay advocacy group where people in the community knew they could come in and get counseling without wondering if their counselor was an ally. I am an ally! As well I have specialized in my private practice those that are going through or thinking of going through the transgender process. As well, I have worked with families of those going through the process to educate and normalize the experience. Continued support is key as you move through the different stages of change.

Relationship & Toxic Personalities

In relationships we can sometimes fall into relationship patterns with the same type of toxic people or just run into certain individual in our family or work that is more difficult to work with on a daily basis. These difficult people can really cause distress and it can be very empowering to find out how to navigate these relationships to best lower the chaos and get an understanding of what is actually happenings in these interactions.


Anxiety Disorders
Trauma & PTSD
College Aged Transitions
Depression and Mood Disorders
Addiction issues
Family of Origin Issues
Therapy with Adolescents

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