Meet Our St Pete, FL Psychologists & Therapists

We are so excited that our St. Pete office is expanding and we have several new psychologists and therapists that will be offering services in person here in our lovely local St. Petersburg office! In honor of this expansion and how much we all love our local St. Pete, Fl. we are highlighting each of the providers that will be...[ read more ]

Understanding Different Types of Depression & Depressive Disorders

Webster’s Dictionary defines depression as “a mood disorder that is marked by varying degrees of sadness, despair, and loneliness and that is typically accompanied by inactivity, guilt, loss of concentration, social withdrawal, sleep disturbances, and sometimes suicidal tendencies.’ While it’s perfectly normal to feel sad during certain life situations, or to grieve for a certain length of time, depression is...[ read more ]

Managing the Back to School Transition with Your Child

By Dr. Lea Martinell It’s back to school time!  Many parents are looking forward to predictable schedules and routines again!  Some kids are looking forward to the routine and seeing their friends again.  Some also might be feeling stress, worry, and potentially fear of the change that will come from a new school year starting. Back to school for many,...[ read more ]


THERAPY FOR DEPRESSION IN TAMPA, FLORIDA By: Dr. Lea Martinell-Smith It's been awhile since we talked about depression which is honestly one of the most common concerns our clients are reporting and struggling with. Job stress, relationship concerns, financial strain and so many other life challenges can lead to feelings of stress, disappointment, sadness and depression. What do we mean...[ read more ]

What is PSYPACT and How Does it Work and How Can it Affect Treatment Options?

A woman lays on her stomach while talking on a zoom call on the couch. Learn how Psypact in Florida can offer support with the help of psypact therapists in florida. Learn more about psypact therapists in south carolina and other states like Alabama.

On July 1, 2023, Florida joined the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT). The Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT) is an interstate compact designed to facilitate the practice of both teletherapy and temporary in-person, face-to-face practice of psychology across state boundaries.  In our last blog, we discussed some of the benefits of teletherapy. PSYPACT broadens those even more. While Telehealth has provided a...[ read more ]

How Can Online Therapy Help Me?

'tIt’s no secret that in the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic, many things have changed.   With the increase in the need for mental health care, many people have wondered if therapy is right for them. If you’re like many of us, the need to speak to someone about our struggles often takes the backseat to the dozens of other...[ read more ]

Living With an Invisible Illness

Living With an Invisible Illness: Coping With Chronic Pain & Illnesses By Dr. Sarah Carpenter   Living with chronic illness inherently has its own challenges, from processing difficult emotions such as grief, anger, confusion, embarrassment, disappointment, to having to entirely change your lifestyle and incorporate new habits to manage a condition you never asked for but must take full responsibility for...[ read more ]

Coping with What Ifs

Coping with the “What Ifs” By Kristin Phillips, PhD In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, May’s blog is devoted to coping with what keeps many of us awake at night: the “What Ifs.” Just as the heart is always beating, the mind is always thinking. And when the mind does not have something capturing its attention, it will find...[ read more ]

What To Expect From Therapy: Part 2

So you’ve found a therapist, and you have your first appointment scheduled. But now what? What should you expect during your first session? First, you should expect to fill out intake paperwork prior to your appointment. In addition to the consent forms and practice policies, this is also a chance to share some background with your new therapist. Your intake...[ read more ]

How to Find the Right Therapist

If you’re feeling discouraged about finding the mental health help you need, you’re not alone! The search for a therapist can be intimidating to say the least, especially when you’re already feeling overwhelmed.  Many people don’t even know where to begin, but hopefully, this blog post will help you get started!  The First Thing to Do Is to Try to...[ read more ]

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