The Benefits of Virtual Therapy

Not too long ago, virtual therapy wasn’t something you heard much about. Therapy and the need for it, in general, isn’t talked about enough. But as we live alongside Covid 19, the need for therapy continues to rise, and with it the necessity of virtual therapy. 


Covid and other health reasons aside (avoiding exposure, limiting contact with others, etc), there are many benefits to virtual therapy that you might not be aware of. Hopefully, after reading this, some of your questions will be answered, and you’ll feel less apprehensive about exploring virtual options when it comes to taking care of your mental health.


So what are some of the benefits of virtual therapy? 




First, I’d like to talk directly to our readers who struggle with anxiety. If you’re at all like me, choosing virtual therapy over in person therapy can actually be the first step to decreasing anxious thoughts. I tend to feel the most anxious about the unknown. So when deciding to schedule a therapy appointment, it helped me to know that I could avoid figuring out where the therapist’s office was located, whether I’d be able to find the right room, whether I’d make it on time, or if I’d get lost or stuck in traffic and be late. Being able to log in from the comfort of my own home—a place that I feel at peace and am familiar with—helped to eliminate some of the stressors I’d normally feel when it comes to a new situation. 


Maybe anxiety isn’t your presenting concern. Maybe it’s depression. If that’s the case, just the thought of getting up, getting ready, and preparing to bare your soul to a stranger can be incredibly daunting. Choosing to book a virtual appointment as opposed to an in person one can eliminate many of the steps that stand between you and getting the help that you need. Instead of the pressure of sitting across from a stranger, you can stay in a place that feels familiar to you. You can get the support you need from the privacy of your own home, without worrying about how long it will take you to get ready, or even leaving your bed if you’re struggling to do so. I assure you, your therapist does not care what you’re wearing, if your hair is brushed, or if you’re under your favorite blanket with a cup of tea or coffee while you guys chat. They just want to help you move forward, and often times, the best way to start that journey is without ever leaving your home!




In addition to the clinical benefits of virtual therapy, there’s also the matter of convenience. When you don’t have to travel to an office to talk to your therapist, it frees up the time you would spend driving back and forth. There’s no need to factor in travel time when scheduling your appointment, which often means clients are able to see their therapist more often, which helps move them along their mental health journey at a more successful pace. It also provides the opportunity to find the clinician who is the best fit for you, as opposed to the one who’s location is most convenient. Suddenly, the small selection of therapists available in your city can expand to specialists throughout your entire state, giving you more variety and more opportunity to find a therapist you can really “click” with. 




The convenience of virtual therapy has also been shown to improve the continuity of one’s therapy sessions. It can be easy to find excuses not to go to therapy when you add in the hassle of scheduling appointments during times you can get away from home or work. But when it’s as simple as finding a quiet space to log into your phone or tablet to meet for a quick hour, you’re much more likely to find the time to do it on a regular basis, and won’t need to cancel as often when the unexpected happens. 




Many people fear that scheduling with a therapist virtually will make it hard to connect with them. But the opposite has been proven to be true. When we meet with a therapist virtually, it can open the door to more intimate conversations. You’re figuratively inviting your therapist into your home, where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. This in and of itself can break down walls that could otherwise be a barrier between you and your therapist. It can lead to more open and honest conversations, and help deepen a connection more effectively than meeting in an office setting. It allows the therapist to get to know a side of you they might not otherwise have the opportunity to see. 


So if you’re looking for therapy that encompasses the comfort, convenience, continuity and connection that we’ve talked about here, virtual therapy might be exactly what you’re looking for! 


If you’ve been holding back from getting the mental health help you need, please don’t let the lack of in person providers hinder you! We urge you to explore your virtual options, and give it a try. You might just find that you prefer it to in person sessions. You can check out these helpful blogs for more information on our virtual services and their benefits.


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