4 Reasons to Continue Online Therapy in Florida Post-Covid

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The world is opening up and we’re moving closer and closer to the day when the Covid 19 pandemic is a memory. But that doesn’t mean that everything has to go back to the way it was before. That’s also true with online therapy & counseling.

Online therapy has existed for many years and goes by many names. It’s also called e-counseling or telehealth or e-therapy (it has many different names). Even before 2020, studies showed that therapy over the phone or video is very effective. But the truth is that most clients and therapists have stayed with in-person therapy. Then, Covid-19 happened.  Almost every therapist in the country transitioned to completely online for at least some time.  If you sought support during the height of the pandemic, you likely had to meet with an online therapist.

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But now? You have choices.

And yet, when Covid-19 is a distant memory many will benefit from online therapy. Why? Here are our top reasons why people should consider continuing online therapy.

Online Therapy in Florida is Convenient

Making an online therapy session is often much easier than driving across town to meet in person.  You don’t have to set aside drive time in your schedule or worry about getting yourself together to get out.

Some scenarios where online therapy might feel especially convenient include:

You Need Mental Health Support on Vacation

You live in St. Petersburg and are spending the weekend in the Steinhatchee with your family. It’s scallop season, and you plan on doing a little kayaking. But, you find yourself very stressed because it doesn’t feel like anything’s going your way. The whole family vacation starts to spike your anxiety. You’re not sure how you’ll make it through one more day out on a boat with your spouse and teenage children. But, then you decide to meet with your online therapist. You can reach out and schedule a session, process your triggers, and create a solid plan to make it through the week!

It is important to note that most mental health professionals are subject to licensing laws. These laws limit where they can practice psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is considered to happen wherever you the client are physically located.  For example, at our practice, our psychologists have licenses in the state of Florida. This means we can see you for online therapy when you travel to other parts of Florida. But, we may not be able to see if you when you travel out of state.

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You’re Fitting Therapy Into a Time Crunch

In an ideal world, you’d schedule online therapy at a time when you can relax before and have time for self-care after. But let’s be honest, life isn’t always ideal. Sometimes you need to fit in therapy before work, a lunch break, or squeeze it between work and driving the kids. We get it. Online therapy only takes the time you need to log in to our private platform and the time it takes for us to meet!

You’re a New Mom

Let’s face it, being a new mom is hard. Postpartum depression and anxiety are more common than most people realize. Sometimes our “old stuff” gets triggered when big changes (like having a baby) happen. In some situations, it might be easier to have an online therapy session than it is to find a babysitter.  In this case, it’s important to talk about the pros and cons with your clinician ahead of time.

You’re Sick But Still Want Support

Remember the “old days” where you had a minor cough so you kept going about your day? We know the Covid-19 pandemic changed that.  Now, it’s considered polite to stay home when you have even a minor illness to avoid passing it to others.  Yet…sometimes you still feel well enough that you’d prefer to keep your therapy session.  Online therapy is great for when you have a medical reason for not getting out but still want to keep your scheduled session.

Meeting with an Online Therapist is Comfortable

Another benefit of visiting with an online therapist is you can meet from a place you already feel safe.  For this reason alone, online therapy can be more effective than in-person treatment.  Many therapists moved online with clients and found some have an easier time opening up to a therapist online. They trade the chair for sitting at home with their dog laying next to them on the couch.  So, if you’re found it difficult to feel comfortable opening up to a therapist in the past, this might apply to you!

Furthermore, your therapist may get to see a different side of you by meeting with you online. They may be able to “meet” your pets, get a sense of your style, or see you in your element.  Seeing a client’s natural surroundings can lead to great conversations in session.

It’s also worth noting that sometimes the opposite is true.  At Wellness Psychological Services, our psychologists offer anxiety treatment including therapy for OCDTypically, any anxiety treatment will include some sort of “exposure.”  Online sessions offer a lot of opportunities for this. Your therapist can provide support online while you face the situations that provoke your anxiety.

You Can See a Specialized Psychologist

This may be one of the biggest benefits of online psychotherapy services.

If you’ve tried therapy before and not had much luck, you might now be looking for a specialist who will take a different approach. But, you’re struggling to find one in your area. If you live in Jacksonville, Miami, or Tampa you may be happy with your options for local therapists. However, if you live in Steinhatchee, out on the Florida Keys, Green Cove Springs, or many other parts of the state, you may have fewer options for specialized mental health care.

At Wellness Psychological Services, we have psychologists who can offer effective, specialized care.  Our team has a high level of training and uses the most effective counseling methods. For example, some of the psychological services we offer online include offer:
  • And other more specialized mental health services

Online Therapy Works

The bottom line is that online therapy works. We have years of research that conclusively show many different mental health concerns can be treated just as effectively online as they can in person.  Yet, for years it was difficult to find a mental health provider who offered telehealth services.  Now, our therapists have the experience and knowledge to effectively offer all of our services online. In fact, the majority of our clients have participated in online therapy for over a year now. So, we’ve fine-tuned our approach, found the tools that work for us to best help you and are ready to meet you online and help you work toward your own mental health goals.

Begin Online Therapy in Florida

Distance shouldn’t factor into the quality of mental health care you receive. Our expert, doctoral-level psychologists would be honored to help you overcome the issues affecting you. While our therapists are physically located in either Tampa or St. Petersburg, we’re thrilled to be able to meet with you virtually no matter where you are in the state. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Wellness Psychological Services
  2. Meet with an expert psychologist
  3. Begin receiving support from the comfort of your own home

Specific Services Offered at Wellness Psychological Services

At Wellness Psychological Services, we offer a wide range of mental health services both in person and online to support you in your emotional health, relationships and overall wellbeing. More specifically, our psychologists offer individual therapy,  couples counseling and psychological testing & evaluation services. For couples, we can offer marriage counselingdivorce discernment counselingsupport through a divorce, and mediation. For individuals, we also offer anxiety treatment, trauma therapy (including Prolonged Exposure, Cognitive Processing Therapy & EMDR), CBT-I for improving sleep, counseling for chronic health conditions, depression counselingOCD treatmentstress management, and most other common mental health concerns.  Best of all, nearly all of these can be offered online if you’d prefer online mental health care at this time.
Feel free browse our website and learn more about practice. Then, call us to schedule an appointment online or at one of our offices in St. Petersburg & Tampa, FL. You deserve a well trained, expert, compassionate mental health provider and our psychologists are here to help!

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