3 Things To Do To Prepare for Virtual EMDR Therapy

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The Basics of Online EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) uses Therapist directed lateral eye movements to ease stressful, traumatic memories.
If you’re considering EMDR therapy, it’s important to know that online EMDR therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. Since the pandemic, many therapists who did not offer virtual EMDR therapy have started with great success. In fact, many who never saw themselves starting virtual EMDR therapy are learning it’s the best option for them.A calm, content man smiles at his kitchen counter as he looks at something on his laptop. This could symbolize the peace of mind that comes from online EMDR therapy in Florida. Contact an EMDR therapist in Tampa, FL to learn how online emdr in Florida can support you!

You may have received in-person EMDR therapy in the past and are looking to switch to virtual. Or, you are beginning EMDR for the first time. In either case, this blog will contain tips to get you started and help ensure your journey is successful.

There are some common hesitations of online EMDR therapy.

Working through trauma virtually may seem unconventional, or even impersonal. But, ignoring the trauma only because you can’t find the right person can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and anger. Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from getting the help that you need! As challenging and difficult as it may seem, your therapist is there to help you work through it. Even if it’s on the other side of your smartphone or laptop screen!

What things should you have in place before you start online EMDR therapy in Florida?

1. Location

A quiet, calm space to go for your online session. Whether it be your car parked in a secluded spot, a home office, or your comfortable bedroom. Make sure that you locate yourself in a place that is conducive to you focusing on the task at hand. Also, ensure your device is at the right eye level for the technique to work. Don’t be afraid to email your EMDR therapist ahead of time for tips on how to do this. They will help set you up for success!

2. A Support System

A young African American woman sitting in a chair smiles at something on her laptop as she types. This excitement could represent the goal of online EMDR therapy in Florida. An EMDR therapist in Tampa, FL can help you overcome past trauma with online EMDR in Florida. Contact us today!

Not being in the office with a therapist can make some clients feel as though they’re facing their trauma alone. Find a trusted friend or family member to check in with before and after your appointment. Make sure they know that you’ll be having an online EMDR therapy session, and prepare to have them check on you post-session. Do not feel obligated to share details. Instead, know that someone supportive is aware of the process that you’re going through. They are on standby should you need them. Whether it be increased anxiety after addressing trauma, know that they are there.  Be clear about what you’ll need for them, and what your expectations are.

3. Plan for the unexpected

Make a plan ahead of time with your therapist in case of interruption. Say the internet connection gets lost, or noises start to distract you. What can you do to get back on track and make the most of your time? This may be a time where your support person can come in. Go over the plan with them. Then, alert them if a session gets cut short or if you need extra help completing the session.

Benefits of Doing Virtual EMDR Therapy

Many find the benefits of online EMDR to be even greater than in person. You may even find that you prefer the flexibility and convenience it offers! Virtual EMDR therapy allows a client to be in their home environment and in a setting that is comfortable and soothing. Sometimes getting to an office can be anxiety-provoking and creates a need to rush. In this way, virtual EMDR therapy is opening new doors of schedule flexibility. Those who otherwise may not have been able to find the time can now start the process. It also allows you to choose where you are as soon as you finish your session. Afterward, you can transition back into your life and routine with ease.

What are others saying about online EMDR therapy?

According to APnews online article “Clients using Virtual EMDR report significant improvement 90 percent of the time for conditions ranging from post-traumatic stress to anxiety and eating disorders, according to surveys of thousands of Virtual EMDR users.”
Online EMDR therapy may mean you need to do things a little more creatively than you did pre-pandemic. But don’t discount the benefits that EMDR can provide. It can be a powerful tool as you navigate your healing journey through your trauma.A young woman sits on her living room couch as she smiles at something on her laptop. This could represent the cozy places one can start online EMDR therapy in Florida. We offer support with online EMDR therapy in Florida and other services to help you overcome trauma. Contact an EMDR therapist in Tampa, FL today.

Begin Virtual EMDR Therapy in Florida

You don’t have to let distance determine your options for mental health support. Our doctoral-level therapists would love to offer support from our Tampa, FL-based therapy practice. If you have more questions, feel free to learn more about virtual EMDR therapy. To start your therapy journey, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Wellness Psychological Services
  2. Meet with a caring psychologist such as EMDR therapist Dr. Oropeza-Diaz
  3. Start virtual EMDR therapy & experience the benefits from home

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