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LOCAL ST PETERSBURG RESOURCES & ACTIVITIES TO HELP CULTIVATE MINDFULNESS  Mindfulness is most often associated with meditation but there are so many different ways that we often don't think about to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness can also be practiced through many different types of activities and avenues. Many people use various forms of art, massage, movement, dance, as well as being...[ read more ]

Mindfulness Can Actually Change Your Brain

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Studies have long shown that the brain can and does change based on our experiences. It makes sense that learning new things would cause us to think differently. As we grow and change as people, so does our brain and the way it functions. This is called neuroplasticity — lasting change in the structure and function of the brain. Designed...[ read more ]

What are the Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness?

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Life is busy. We are constantly trying to multitask. We are thinking about what to cook for dinner on the drive home from work. We are folding laundry while watching the news. We are rushing through our days trying to finish our mounting to-do lists. And, along the way we are losing track of the present moment. We are missing...[ read more ]

Mindfulness Vs. Meditation

Meditation versus mindfulness

Being mindful is innate. It is a natural part of our being. We are born with the ability to be mindful. But that doesn’t mean it is something that we are always doing. Some certain techniques and practices can make mindfulness easier to achieve and make it something we can fully benefit from. One such technique is mediation. There are...[ read more ]

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