What To Expect From Therapy: Part 2

So you’ve found a therapist, and you have your first appointment scheduled. But now what? What should you expect during your first session?

A person gestures while holding a clipboard and talking to a person sitting across from them. This could represent the support a therapist in St. Pete, FL can offer. Learn more about psychotherapy in Tampa Bay and other services like depression therapy in Tampa, FL today.First, you should expect to fill out intake paperwork prior to your appointment. In addition to the consent forms and practice policies, this is also a chance to share some background with your new therapist. Your intake paperwork will likely ask for a brief history of the presenting concerns you’d like to go after in your sessions. It’s also a time to reflect on the things that you’ve already tried, and what you’ve found helpful (or not helpful). It’s important to share as much as you’re comfortable with sharing, as it can prepare your therapist for your intake appointment, as well as give them an idea of what your goals are and what you’d like to work on. Consider it an introduction to your therapeutic journey!

On the day of your first session, some people prefer to clear their day following the appointment.

It’s not uncommon for emotions and feelings you weren’t expecting to surface during your intake appointment, so having something important to do immediately after might not be possible, as you could leave needing to process what you’ve just unpacked in your session. If this isn’t an option for you, maybe plan on spending the 30-45 minutes following your session in a quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts before having to move on to the next thing in your day.

As you progress on your journey with your therapist, you should expect to build trust and accountability within the relationship. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable at first; after all, your new therapist is essentially a stranger. But the feelings of discomfort shouldn’t continue beyond the first few sessions, as you begin to develop a rapport with your therapist. You should also expect your session times to differ depending on the concerns covered. Some therapy sessions will be more intense than others, and you should know that there’s no such thing as an unproductive session, unless you’re simply refusing to open up at all. A therapist can only work with what you’re willing to share.

Don’t let that intimidate you, however, as you can do this at your own pace!

A woman smiles while flipping through their clipboard across from a girl. Learn how a therapist in Tampa FL can offer support with mental health. Contact a therapist in St. Pete, FL to learn more about online therapy in Florida and other services. Start small if you need to, and work your way up to the big stuff. Or, feel free to lay it all on the table during the first session and then tackle each concern in smaller doses in your follow-up sessions. You and your therapist can decide on the process together, and find what works best for you both. There is no right and wrong way to do this so you can work with your therapist to co-create a space and treatment plan that feels right and fits your specific needs. Depending on the type of therapy and treatment approach that your psychologist or therapist practices, the process, and approach can look different.

Try to think of your therapy sessions as building blocks; what you cover in each session continuously builds onto one another, creating a stronger and stronger foundation as you continue the relationship with your therapist. While you might not see huge changes week to week, if you continue to build on what you’ve learned and shared each session, and you remain consistent, you will see results.

You should also expect to dive deeper and deeper in each session as you begin to understand the root of your presenting concerns or diagnosis.

Building a comfortable relationship and rapport with your therapist is important. If you don’t feel that way it can be an opportunity to bring it up and see how your therapist responds and whether that discussion helps you to feel more comfortable or doesn’t.  Just like any healthy relationship, the more you give, the more you will get out of it. It’s also important to realize that your sessions aren’t just a time to develop a relationship with your therapist. For many, the goal of your sessions is to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and to build a better relationship with those around you, whether it be your partner, your coworkers, your friends, or your family.

Therapy is also about discovering yourself, and how you can apply the tools your therapist is giving you to help build on what you’re doing in your sessions.

If you aren’t sure what you want out of the process then you can bring that up with your provider and they can help you explore and find out what might be most helpful.

A woman gesutres while smiling and talking to a woman sitting across form her. This could represent the support a therapist in Tampa FL can offer. Learn more about psychotherapy in Tampa Bay and other services a Tampa therapist can offer today. Most of all, you should expect your therapy sessions to give you applicable ways to build self-awareness and self-understanding, explore a change to deal with your trauma, triggers, and help you with personal growth. The pace and process for this varies widely though and it’s ok if it takes time for you to feel or see the progress.  If you can leave each session with a better understanding of the importance of the changes you’ve made, as well as being able to identify the ones you still need to make, you’ll be moving in a good direction!

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