How Do You Know When To Start Therapy?

starting therapy when to know

Knowing when therapy is necessary or could be beneficial is a challenge we, as therapists, hear often. How do I know when to start? Is now a good time? Is therapy only for people with deep emotional issues? Do I have to have a lot to talk about? Is it really necessary? 

The short answer to when should you start therapy is — anytime. Anytime is a good time. Therapy isn’t just about helping people with trauma, major life loss, or mental illness, although it can be very beneficial for all of those things. It is also about helping with the day-to-day. Whether it be feeling overwhelmed at your exploding to-do list, always wondering if you are doing a good job as a parent, feeling lost in your career or your life, consistent arguments with your significant other, or feeling generally sad or unhappy, therapy can help with it all.

When we hold off on addressing issues as they happen, they tend to build up. Often that build up can lead to bigger struggles—emotional outbursts, overwhelming anxiety, inability to focus.

Some big signs that you should consider therapy sooner-rather-than-later are: 

1.) You are overwhelmed. We all feel overwhelmed occasionally. But when you wake up each morning with a feeling that you have way too much to do in a day, or you look at that pile of laundry and want to cry, it might be time to see a therapist. In therapy, you can learn ways to prioritize and healthy coping so that things don’t feel so out-of-control. 

2.) You are fatigued. Yes, we all get tired. The problem is when you have trouble pulling yourself out of bed every day or you start to cancel plans or call into work to stay in bed for days on end. Fatigue can be a common physical symptom of depression. Learning how to cope with depressive feelings can help you get your energy (and your life) back. 

3.) You are often overcome with rage, anger, or resentment. Anger can be a very healthy emotion. It is a response to things that don’t make you feel right. The problem is when that anger becomes frequent and disproportionate to the situation. This could mean there are some underlying things that need to be dealt with before they lead to a potentially harmful situation. 

4.) You feel unable to leave your home. Often referred to as agoraphobia or a fear of being in places where a person might experience a panic attack or be trapped. Being fearful of having a panic attack is understandable but staying in your house forever is not a very realistic way to live, and not much fun for you either. Therapy can help with healthy solutions to begin overcoming your fears. 

5.) You just don’t care anymore. Losing interest in the things that used to make you happy, the world around you, or life, in general, can be a major sign of depression or anxiety. Get help so you can heal and find your way back to your life.

6.) You feel hopeless. Feeling like nothing matters anymore, you have no future, you have screwed everything up, you have no motivation to change, can indicate depression or another mental health issue. These feelings do come and go in all of us from time-to-time. The problem is when they begin to get more frequent and consistent. It is important to recognize that these feelings can be the beginning of suicidal thoughts and actions.

7.) You are withdrawing from your social life. We all change and take on new interests. Sometimes that means we don’t have time or the energy to hang out with friends, and that is ok. But, if you start to spend more and more time alone and withdrawn from the world around you or you fear social gatherings, therapy can help you understand and deal with those feelings. 

If you are still unsure whether therapy is right for you, that is ok. Sometimes it takes time to find the right fit with a therapist. It can also take time to feel better. But, if you are struggling in any part of life it can be helpful to consider therapy as a first step. 

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